A List Of The Best Informative Essay Topics

Time to write that informative essay. This is the perfect task for anyone of an analytical mind-set. However, no matter how great your desire to simply crack on and write it, if you haven’t got a topic that resonates then you might find yourself scrapping among the rest of the pack for a mediocre grade. So, here is my definitive list of the best informative essay topics:

  • The benefits of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle
  • Domestic violence: A global issue rather than a domestic one.
  • Hactivism – Are hackers right to play moral judge and jury? Use the Ashley Madison case as an example.
  • The Holocaust (Choose one angle, as it is too vast to cover it all in one paper)
  • The dangers of taking “Selfies” while driving. Is this as dangerous as say driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • How Andy Murray has transformed British tennis.
  • Racism within the police force. How this has once again become a major issue.
  • The pros and cons of plastic surgery – Maybe focus on examples of when having plastic surgery is the right thing to do.
  • Euthanasia. What is it? Is it ever justified? Take an in-depth look at the Swiss system.
  • Look at the background to the migrant crisis that is engulfing Europe. What can be done to ease the situation?
  • Human Trafficking in modern day America
  • The fifth-amendment and how this impacts on modern day gun control
  • Healthier alternatives to caffeine that still produce the same stimulating effect
  • Female cancers – Ovarian/Breast
  • Male cancers – Prostate
  • Choose an eating disorder and write an informative essay about that
  • The future of space travel – take a look at the recent findings concerning Pluto
  • A factual look at the process involved in testing products on animals
  • Teenage alcoholism in America (The causes)
  • Pick a particular culture within America and write an informative piece about it.
  • The history of pop music
  • The history of boybands – Will the world survive One Direction splitting?
  • Trees/plants/woodland
  • The oceans of the world
  • Early civilisations on earth – and what happened to them?
  • Look for evidence to support that Atlantis either existed or was a myth
  • The Bermuda Triangle
  • Choose an American President/British Monarch/Their offspring are they more interesting?

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