13 Impressive Topics For Creating An Outstanding Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay brings it all together. You take a look at your thesis statement, assign roles for the sources in your work, and show that you fully understand and appreciate your sources. Naturally, there has to be a degree of relevance and clarity to what you’re writing but the topic is important. You can bring together an outstanding piece of written work with any of the following topics.

  1. Sports stars should be careful in choosing products for endorsement purposes.
  2. It is essential media give the right image of politician so the voters will choose wisely.
  3. It is essential to have good examples in relationships. Entertainers need to be mindful of this.
  4. Religion must set the example in promoting social justice.
  5. Is there a connection between computer science and creativity?
  6. Do smart phones make people more isolated?
  7. What impression does middle school education make up on future potential?
  8. Is it a smart idea for parents to take vacations during school breaks?
  9. Homework doesn’t really show the capability of a student.
  10. Gun manufacturers bear responsibility for mass shootings.
  11. Obesity is not necessarily the result of gluttony.
  12. The college degree does not guarantee riches.
  13. Money cannot buy friends but can make you lonely.

There are a few things that are true with any essay you choose to write. Look for the unique in topics. If you want to get a good grade paper you cannot just write what has already been written. Try to find something that will really make a person interested in what you have to say. Narrow down your topic options just a few but try to focus on what is really interesting to you. A little bit more of your passion can then go into the words. Moreover, they can make the entire exercise a lot more interesting for you.

It is essential to have a good choice of words. Dry language makes a person thirst for better sentences, and sounding too officious is going to turn people off right away. Mark Twain was able to write some very interesting works and he used words people enjoyed reading. You can do the same with your essay. You’ll find that as you work on the synthesis it can become a lot of fun for you. You can also develop enjoyment for writing that can be part of both your leisure life and your career.

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