School Essay Topics: 28 Great Questions You Can Explore

There are so many sites from where you can get all the information on essay topics to write about. In as far as school essay topics are concerned, the following are some great questions that you can think about:

  1. Explain why modern day girls ask boys out
  2. Discuss the role of the modern day woman in the home
  3. Explain how society roles have changed, and how men and women are excelling in career paths that they never would have chosen earlier
  4. Discuss why men need to be protected from feminist attacks
  5. To what extent is chauvinism overrated?
  6. Discuss why ladies should be empowered to thrive in the modern day society
  7. Discuss the difference between gender requirements and gender roles
  8. Discuss why it should be legal to be a surrogate
  9. Address some of the challenges that same sex couples face today
  10. Animal testing in factories is supposed to be banned. Discuss
  11. Explain the similarity between politicians and church leaders
  12. Discuss some unethical practices that news anchors use to hook their audience
  13. Discuss the need for parents to be more proactive in dealing with issues of birth control pills and sex
  14. Teenage violence has been on the rise in the past. Explain some of the primary reasons for this
  15. Explain the extent to which empathy can be addressed in the learning environment
  16. Discuss why conflict resolution can easily be done through humor
  17. Kids are normally advised to be more street smart than book smart in the world today. Discuss this concept, citing relevant examples
  18. Explain how the advent and propagation of the internet has killed the traditional communication models
  19. Healthy relationships will only survive when there are conflicts from time to time. Discuss
  20. Discuss how being a teacher’s pet can affect the esteem of a student
  21. For an individual to develop, peer pressure is a must. Discuss
  22. There is more harm than good to doing homework. Discuss
  23. Sitting in for lectures is supposed to be made optional. Discuss
  24. Explain why sororities and fraternities are supposed to be banned from the learning environment
  25. Discuss how companies can come up with unique strategies, in a market that is saturated
  26. Explain the ethical ramification of leaving a company for the immediate competitor
  27. Discuss the role of dress codes in the workplace
  28. Discuss how important diagonal form of communication is at work

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