Treaty Of Paris

This was a major agreement that saw the end of the American Revolutionary War. This was after all the states involved in the War agreed to the terms that America should be given its independence. However, Spain which was an ally of the United States in the war was not ready to end the war until they won back Gibraltar from the British. France was already weary of the war and wanted to give up because of the financial situation they were in. The Treaty of Paris together with peace treaties between France, Paris and the Dutch made up what is commonly known as the Peace of Paris. The United States saw the agreement in the treaty as a generous offer and was willing to take it. The agreement meant enlargement in their territories. However, later on, they realized that they would get a better deal if they went to the negotiation table alone. They left France in the loop, and John Jay went to negotiate with the British Prime Minister, and they got a better deal that did not give France a chance to slip and own some part of the United States. There were other benefits that America would enjoy as per the treaty.

Some of the Key points in the treaty

The first and most important were independence. British to acknowledge the United States and all her colonies as free states and give up the government and property to the individual states. They would after establish boundaries especially between British North America and the United States. Both America and British should have access to River Mississippi. The treaty also granted the United States fishing rights. In the six months before the ratification of the treaty, all the prisoners of war from either side to be released. Any other property of war in America and belonging to the British was to be forfeited and remain in the United States.

Consequences of the Treaty

The better party of the treaty was followed. However, some aspects were ignored by all or some of the parties involved. However, after the treaty, the United States had to pay a cost. They no longer enjoyed the protection that they initially got from the British along the Mediterranean Sea. America was also forced to become an important trading partner of the Britons. They would sell their products to the Americans without any administrative or military cost to the British government.

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