How To Reference In An Essay – A Complete Tutorial

One of the most important things that you will have to do when you are writing an essay is to give credit to your sources when you are using paraphrased material or direct quotes. In order to do that, you will need to make sure that you use in-text citations and complete reference information in a reference section at the end of the paper. The idea is to make sure that you give credit to the original writer for their ideas.

You will not need to quote things that are considered to be common knowledge. These things do not have to be cited. However, anything that is an original idea from another source should be properly cited. This is how you will handle the citations.

APA formatting

One of the most common formatting styles that is used so this information will relate to this formatting style. If you are asked to use a different style, you should check out that formatting guide for the information on how to do this properly because it may not be the same.

In-text citations

When you are paraphrasing materials or using direct quotes, you will need to give credit by putting your citation of the last name of your author and the date of publication. There are some times when you will also include the page number where the quote was found. That is at the request of your instructor.

Example: When you are citing sources, “always use citation information,” (last name, date, p. #).

Notice how the cited information is in quotations with a comma and the citation information is information is in parentheses. This is how your paper should look.

Reference page

When it comes to the reference page, there are specific references for each kind of source. It will be important to get a guide to know how to properly cite them all. However, you will notice that most online reference libraries and even some print documents will have the citation information available. Online libraries have sections that will give the proper citation information in several formats and some publications give a suggested citation for their paper.

When it comes to citing sources, you have to really understand the importance. You need to properly give credit or it is considered plagiarism, which is against the law and can get you expelled from school.

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