4 Methods to Get an Example of a Personal Essay for College Application

In the months leading up to college application season, students begin to stress out about all the forms they have to fill out while maintaining good grades. A huge part of the college application is the personal essay, which is essentially the last chance for someone to distinguish him or herself from the thousands of other applicants. It helps to have an example to know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Here are four great methods of getting a good example of a personal essay for the college application:

Method #1: Get Direct Assistance from a College Counselor

The first method is the easiest in that you simply need to speak directly with your school’s college counselor. At your meeting as for samples, of which the counselor is likely to have several. Get as much advice about how you should approach your own personal essay since you don’t simply want to mirror the sample copy exactly.

Method #2: Pick Up a College Application Writing Guide

Pay a visit to your local public or school library to find several college application resource guides. The information provided should help with a number of different areas of the application process, including submitting grades, selecting majors, getting financial aid, and composing the personal essay. Make sure you do this early in the semester since these guides will be in high demand and their availability might not be certain.

Method #3: Find a Professional Online Writing Company

An increasingly popular way for getting great sample papers is to find and hire a professional writing company to provide you with original work. There are several trustworthy companies out there, but you do have to do a little background research to ensure the company you do select has a good history within the industry. For this information you should check out some independent customer review and consider several different factors, including customer support, pricing, and assignment quality.

Method #4: Ask the Online Community for Some Assistance

Lastly, don’t forget that you can always get great samples by asking the online community for some help. For instance, join an academic chatroom or discussion forum where you can post a thread requesting assistance. You should be able to receive several responses within a few hours and will have more than enough samples to help you learn how to compose one of your own.

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