Simple Advice On How To Write An Essay Using Quotes

Providing quotes in essays helps to give a backbone to the ideas or evidence you’re presenting. The more you can back up your points, the more successful your essay will be, regardless of what type of essay you are writing.

Here’s some simple advice on how to write an essay using quotes:


You need to make sure that you tell the reader who the quote was by and where you found it. If you use a quote without giving credit to the original author, it will be considered to be plagiarism – and that’s the last thing you want! So it’s absolutely vital that you always cite sources.

Specific requirements

Not only do you need to remember to include the citation, you also need to make sure you are using the right method to do so. Some papers have different rules regarding the format of quotes and citing them, so you must check which method is applicable. Your teacher should have already informed you, but if you’re not certain, make sure you have all the format details that you should have for your particular paper.

Formats and styles

Two commonly used formats are the MLA and APA style. If your quotes need to be in one of these styles, you should look up the exact requirements. You could buy the books that outline all format requirements, or find them in your library. You will also be able to find the rules on the internet, but make sure you find the right format instructions! Look on trusted and educational sites to ascertain that you are getting the right information. Your teacher may also be able to provide you with a handout of the guidelines, and at the very least, they will be able to tell you where to find them, if you’re still stuck.

Reference page

You also need to provide a reference page at the end of your paper for further details of the original sources. Though sometimes these details are allowed to be put at the end of chapters. Again, ascertain that you know what is expected from your particular paper.


When it comes to actually writing your paper and including quotes, you should use the most relevant quotes possible. If a quote doesn’t back up what you’re saying, then it’s probably better to use another quote.

As good as it is to use an array of quotes in most every paper, you also don’t want to overdo it. After all, this is your paper!

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