Environmental Problems in New York

New York City is known to face many environmental pollution risks. New York City is twice the size on Monaco. This size of the city poses many environmental threats. New York is also a public transport infrastructure hub. It is very developed in terms of infrastructure and thus there is a lot of transit of people. This makes New York a big consumer of gasoline. The population of New York City is very high. It is very populated and this is another factor that could pose a significant environmental threat. Due to the high level of gasoline consumption, New York produces a lot of greenhouse gases. These gases have led to the increase in the cases of Asthma and other respiratory problems. With the large population and the transport industry, energy consumption is very high. The demand for energy is also growing on a daily basis as the city continues to grow. Despite all these New York has taken crucial measures to control environmental pollution. Its government and citizens are dedicated to eliminating all the risk factors caused by the state and location of the city. I think it is worth mentioning that it is the only city of the four largest cities in the United States that has clean drinking water that does not need water treatment.

Policies of Reducing Environmental Impact

Due to the growing demand for energy in New York, all government offices and buildings are required to use clean forms of energy. An example is the Hearst Tower that uses only clean energy. This is in the aim of reducing pollution that could be caused by unclean energy. New York has many green energy projects. It gas tried underwater turbines, but they were torn by water. New York has also tried generating energy using tidal waves. The traffic lights in New York have been replaced with the light emitting diodes that consume less by ninety percent. They have also installed the street light and refrigeration systems that are efficient.

Reporting an environmental Problem

A few years back, New York was the dirtiest city in The USA. They have however set rules that give people a chance to take care of the environment. They have a system where citizens report those that dump. Open fires are not allowed unless for specific reasons or occasions. Poisonous chemicals cannot be dumped into drainage systems and in areas where they can flow to the river. Retailers of carbonated drinks are required to charge an extra fee that will go to the government for environmental preservation.

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