The Secret To Creating A Great Essay About Technology

Technology has become part and parcel of life today. Most people cannot imagine a life without technology. This is why you may be required to write an essay on technology. So how should you approach such a paper? Here are a few tips on how to create a great essay about technology.


You will need to start your paper with an introduction. Here, you can explain why technology is an important part of life today. You can also offer an overview of how the technology sector has changed and the various products that have been developed, which have become part of our day to day life. You will also need to consider the pros and cons of technology.


You will also need to highlight why you think technology is beneficial. There are various ways in which technology has made life easier. These include:

  • Easier life. Technology has made it possible for people to complete different things in an easy way. With bikes and cars, it has become possible for people to travel for long distances. There are also some superfast trains and airplanes that have made it easy for people to reach different cities of the world within a short time. The internet has also become a source of information and these have changed the way people communicate. Now it is possible to hold a meeting with participants in different cities of the world through video conferencing. Chats have also changed the way people communicate.
  • Lesser mistakes. With machines, there are less chances of making mistakes. Machines and robots are able to work in an accurate manner and all that is needed is for them to be programmed with the right information. This means that technology has made it possible for work to be done in a perfect way.
  • Save time. With technology, it has become possible to save time. For instance, it takes lesser time to fly to different destinations of the world. Machines such as ovens have also made it easy to work in the kitchen.


Technology also has its share of disadvantages. These include:

  • Loss of jobs. Many companies have adopted the use of automatic machines and this has helped to improve production accurately. This has led to the loss of jobs.
  • In case of mechanical problems, it can be quite expensive to fix machines.


It is clear that technology has become a key part of our life despite its cons.

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