Essay Topics Based On Education: 20 Interesting Problems

There are many problems that our public education system is facing and their needs to be more reform to correct this issue, so that means there is no shortage of topics you can cover for your essay, and this list will get you started thinking about your topic.

20 Interesting Problems

  • Classroom size is a big problem because as the student to teacher ratio grows, the less one on one time students can get the help them need.
  • Poverty is also another problem, in 2011, we had the highest amount of students on free and reduced lunch programs than just a few year before.
  • Family can play a key role in how well students perform at school. Any issues at home can affect their learning.
  • Students are now more technologically advanced than their teachers, which put them at a disadvantage.
  • Bullying has evolved from years before because we can now bully each other without being face to face with them thanks to the Internet.
  • Student’s attitude and behavior can really affect the way that they learn in school.
  • No Child Left Behind has only taught kids how to take the test. And even after they take the test, nothing is be doing to help these students to improve, it is just used for funding purposes.
  • Speaking of funding, funding is another problem because so school don’t have enough to teach their kids because of poor test score and they can improve them without funding; it’s a vicious circle.
  • Parent involvement is very important if students want to do well because they are there to help them learn.
  • A student’s health can also affect their education, obesity being a big one.
  • Curriculum, are students learning the right material to help them in life.
  • Pushing life choices on students before the graduate high school. It can take years to decide what you want to do with your life, so pushing a career on them right out of high school is pointless.
  • Taking away art programs
  • Kids are falling through the cracks because of teachers and administration that have given up on them.
  • Teaching for test not to actually learn the material and retain it.
  • How they characterize gifted kids?
  • Teaching models and lesson plans.
  • Students not being prepared for college because of lack of knowledge learned in high school.
  • Politics in education.
  • Private vs. public education.

These essay topics will get you thinking correctly on an education topic that resonates with you so your paper will be meaningful and effective.

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