Compelling Essay Questions in Chemistry: Expert Suggestions

Though chemistry is a science that has very little to do with academic writing, students often write essays that are dedicated to the questions from this sphere of knowledge. In such an essay, a good topic is one of the most important details.

How to Choose a Good Topic for a Chemistry Paper

  • A good topic is always interesting to you. Even if you are not an expert in chemistry, you can be interested in certain areas that involve knowledge from other spheres of your life. Think of a topic that is not purely chemical and, thus, not too complicated for you.
  • A good topic is somewhat novel and doesn’t repeat the things that have already been said by other specialists. You need to search for a good topic idea with devotion because it will help you make your essay unique and outstanding.
  • A good topic is interesting to your readers, too. Even if you are writing it for your groupmates only, you need to keep in mind that not all of them have the same knowledge and understanding of the subject. It means that choosing a topic and writing the paper, you need to keep in mind the audience and make the text comprehensive even for those students who know the subject worse than you.

Searching for Topic Ideas

Searching for chemistry project ideas can be complicated but only in case you don’t know where to search. If you search on the Internet, you can find numerous interesting ideas that will make your project stand out. Besides that, you should feel free to search in libraries and even in source materials.

Below, you can find several interesting topic ideas that can work well for you.

1. What are acid rains and why are they so destructive for plants and even materials? 2. Are vitamins chemicals? What’s the effect of these chemicals or their deficit on our body? 3. Which are the most common chemicals that cause the majority of food allergies in people? 4. Analyze the process of ageing of the human body as a range of chemical reactions. 5. What is the chemistry that allows sugar work as a battery supply? 6. Analyze the chemical reactions that happen in the dough, puffing it up. 7. Should manufacturers of cosmetics and body care goods really use so many chemical compounds in their products? 8. From the chemical point of view, explain why food products and some other goods cannot be stored without certain preservation means. 9. Explain the reasons why radioactive substances can be both helpful and harmful to people.

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