Creating The Best Reflective Essay: Things To Remember

A reflective essay can be defined as an essay in which you have to reflect upon a particular topic or upon one of the experiences in your life. You get the opportunity to explore those experiences and share with the reader how you have grown from them or rather what were their impacts on your life.In order to create a good reflective essay, you have to delveinto your thoughts and emotions regarding a specific topic or about certain happenings that have occurred in the past.

The best thing about writing such an essay is that it helps you to improve your critical thinking skills. It also helps youto develop and portray your views on a certain topic.

Here are some things to remember when you want to create the best reflective essay:

  • Think about the topic- Irrespective of the fact that the topic was chosen by you or provided to you, you need to ask yourself how does it make you feel or what were its implications on your life? Being able to answer these questions requires your insights. The end product of this process will help you to come up with the thesis or rather the controlling idea of your composition.
  • Open with a strong paragraph- Your opening paragraph should make an impression on the reader. It should contain the central theme or the controlling idea of your composition.
  • Convert arguments into paragraphs- The supporting ideas to your point of view should be made into paragraphs. These will provide the body to your essay. Include genuine information in these body paragraphs so that your ideas remain well supported.
  • Do not be redundant- Not only will repeating the ideas make the composition longer but the reader will also lose interest while reading it.
  • Be concise- After a certain point of time, it becomes really boring to go on reading someone’s personal opinions. So, the best thing is to keep it short and crisp.
  • Avoid contradiction in the presented ideas- It’s imperative that an idea should not clash with another. This gives rise to inconsistency and leaves the reader confused about your thoughts on the subject matter.
  • Conclusion- Restate your thesis in a brief manner at the beginning of your conclusive paragraph. It should provide a summary of your thoughts that you’ve presented throughout the body of the composition. At the very end, you might even ask your readers to reflect upon the same topic themselves.

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