General Instructions For Composing A Self-Evaluation Essay

Many people who are caught in the situation of writing a self-evaluation essay about themselves find it difficult to do without being either too boastful or just too modest. The key is to keep it simple pointing out your good qualities without boasting about yourself. If you are writing your self-evaluation for a perspective job make sure that you reveal your talents and abilities. This could be the difference in getting the job or not. It takes skill to display to a perspective employer that you are capable of doing many things without sounding like you are bragging.

Great tips on evaluating yourself

Self-evaluation requires the ability to describe your skills and rate yourself on your best qualities. Look at it as though you are rateing another employee. When you can remain objective, it is easier to write the essay explaining what you are able to do for your employer. The employer wants someone who has the capabilities to explain job functions and write reports on fellow employees. This situation will make you a bit nervous but try to stay aloof thinking of yourself as just another employee for the best results.

Find your own voice

Check to see what your boss is expecting in an employee by asking questions from the human resource department and if possible other employees. When you can determine what they are looking for in the prospective new job, then you will be able to find your own voice. Communication is vital in this situation it will help you to explain your talents and abilities. Try to give an honest opinion of the work you have done for other companies. Let them know what you have accomplished in the past.


When it comes to writing a self-evaluation essay, it takes a lot of time and thought in order to express who you are and what you are capable of doing for the company. Everyone has certain abilities that are useful for a company but sometimes some abilities are not considered of value to the job you are applying. For instance, if you love pets, but you are applying for a computer job then stick to what you know about computers. Let your employer know that you understand what is needed to fulfil the job requirements. Also, let them know about your character if you make friends easily and are able to work well with others. You will find that evaluation of your own self will become easier once you get started writing.

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