What Are the Essential Elements of a High School Persuasive Essay?

To make a persuasive essay, high school students must be able to persuade the reader. This type of writing is like presenting an argument to the jury. Through the student's evidence and argument, the reader must be convinced that the student's viewpoint is correct. Due to this, students should focus on creating a compelling narrative and finding strong research to back their thesis statement.

Start Pre-Writing

For the best essay, students should begin with the pre-writing process. In this stage, the student should conduct research at their library to find solid, engaging information. There should be multiple sources used. In addition, students will want to gather research from the other side of the argument because this will help them understand how the reader may counteract their thesis. Once the research is complete, students should try to argue the opposite side. This helps the student get into the mind of the reader, and arguing the opposing side also helps the student to test out the strength of their argument.

Make an Outline

After organizing the research notes, it is time to make an outline. Students should begin by structuring their persuasive essay into the introduction, conclusion and body paragraphs. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that shows the main idea of the paragraph. Afterward, the student can list two or three pieces of evidence that support the student's argument. By listing the evidence now, students will know if they have enough information to write on the topic.

Begin Drafting

The next step in the process is to begin making the first draft. A thesis statement should be included in the first paragraph that covers the writer's entire argument. It should be arguable and clearly show the writer's position. Afterward, the student should work on demonstrating their argument through solid evidence, statistics, facts and examples from real life. Using analogies can help to demonstrate the student's argument. At the end, the student should include a conclusion that shows the entirety of their argument.

Save Time for Revisions

Students should make sure that they save a few days at the end of the writing process for revisions. Very few writers are able to write a perfect essay without any grammar errors or mistakes. Students should take a day or two off from writing before reading the paper aloud. Reading aloud forces the student's mind to slow down and hear the sentences exactly, which can make them better proofreaders.

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