10 Things Every Student Should Know About The Essay Format

Talking about the essay format, the issue would not be properly addressed if the importance of this type of academic paper is not analyzed. One thing that impresses tutors and encourages them to do more is when they understand that they are really making significant impact on their students. How do they determine this? By the level of intelligence, creativity, and good structure of thoughts that are exhibited in your essays. For this reason, it is necessary that each time you are required to write this type of academic paper that apart from the content, you should also make sure that the format is in the required style.

Now that you know that this type of paper cannot be separated from your academics as a whole, it is important that you understand as much as you should about the essay format. This article has been properly researched and written to help you properly structure your essays so that you can further impress your tutor and other readers of your academic paper. The things you should know are as follows:

  • Setting The Margins: For the right and left sides, top, and bottom of your paper, the margin should be set at 1” and not more or less.
  • Line Spacing: For the correct essay format, the normal line spacing is double-spacing and not more than that or less than that.
  • Font Size: The normal font size for essays is font size number 12 and should not be less or more.
  • Font Type: The most accepted font type for this type of academic paper is Times New Roman.
  • Headings: The heading of your paper should be left-aligned. This means that it should start from the left corner of your paper.
  • Paragraph Spacing: Each time you start a new paragraph, the correct essay format stipulates that there should be two line spaces between the paragraphs.
  • Numbering: Whatever methods of numbering a student have chosen for his or her essays, such numbering methods should be consistently used throughout the paper.
  • The Cover page: This is a very important part of your paper. Your name should be written on the first line, followed below by your instructor’s name. The course or subject name comes below this and followed by the course or subject code. Submission date comes below all these.
  • Citation: The most common citation method is MLA and you should ensure that you follow a consistent citation method if you want your paper to meet the requirements of the right essay format.
  • Page Numbering: The numbering for your academic paper should at the upper right side of the page. These numbers should be aligned in such a way that they are flush with the right hand margins of the paper.

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