Creating An Effective Essay Title: Tips To Take Into Account

Your main concert when you write your essay is to be appreciated by others. If your professor and your colleagues are not interested in your composition, then you not feel satisfied. This means that you have to do everything you can to make sure that your text is engaging and interesting for others. The first step to achieve this is to create a good title; this will motivate anyone to read the entire piece. How do you do this? By following these tips:

  • Don’t make it an easy choice. Many students choose it superficially, so they are not successful in their work. The best thing to do is to pick the title after you wrote the entire essay; in this way you can be sure that it is relevant to the content and completely connected with the information that you provided.

  • Make it short. When it is short, it’s easy to be remembered by other people. If it’s something too long and complicated no one will ever bother to read it. Also, it’s difficult to make a long title look good in the beginning of your essay; it will not fit on one single line. It’s very important to make your project look good and professional, because this will be noticed from the start by your teacher.

  • Don’t use complicated words. You would think that this is something obvious, but in reality many students make this mistake. If you use an unknown term people will not know what you are talking about in your composition and they will not be eager to read it. Besides, you would have to explain the term in the body of the essay and occupy space for nothing. Bottom line, you should keep it as simple as possible.

  • Edit it properly. First of all, ask your professor if he wants you to create a separate title page. If yes, you are supposed to write it on a separate page with the name of the course, your name and the name of your professor. If not, you can write it as usual, above your composition. Naturally, you must use the same font everywhere, but you can increase the size for this part. If your professor allows it, you can even use a different color or underline. It is important to make it stand out.

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