Rhetorical Analysis Essay Writing: 8 Basic Tips For Dummies

As a teenager, you have to develop your skills and try to improve yourself with any opportunity. When it comes to analysis capacity, not many students have it but they can develop it easily. All they have to do is get used to write rhetorical analysis essays on different topics. If you want to write one but you don’t know from where to start, follow these basic tips for dummies:

  1. Find the right topic. If this is the first time for you, you should write about something familiar and easy, not something that you don’t understand. It’s perfectly fine to write about movies and documentaries and try to explain if the author reached his goal.
  2. Make some research. You have to know as many details about the subject as possible. In this case you will have to know who made the movie, when, who are the main characters and so on. This will help you explain your point of view later and it will show to the readers that you know the topic in very good way.
  3. Identify the audience and the purpose. Why did the director make this movie? What was his purpose? These are very important questions for rhetorical analysis essays. If you are not sure that you can find the answers, get assistance from this website.
  4. Discuss about the characters and their actions. In this situation the director is using the characters to prove a point or to make the public believe in a certain idea. To be able to make your point you have to know the characters in very good way, as well as their hidden motivation for different actions.
  5. Write the introduction. The introduction is no different than usual; you will have to discuss about the subject, about the purpose of your essay and so on.
  6. Use all the information that you gathered for the body of the composition. Here you will have the chance to analyze and criticize parts of the movie.
  7. Decide if the director reached his goal and prove it with evidence and facts. These facts need to be related strictly to the movie that you are talking about, nothing else.
  8. Write a smart conclusion. This is the last part of your composition but it has to be as good as all the others.

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