10 Helpful Hints For Composing An Argumentative Essay

Did you ever want to convince your classmates about something, but you did not know how? Well, now you have the chance to do it by writing a good argumentative essay. You can discuss about your personal ideas and beliefs and bring arguments that will make them share your opinion. It’s not easy, but with time you will be a real professional. Take in consideration these 10 hints if you want to create a good composition:

  1. Write about something that you love. You can’t convince others to believe in a certain idea if you don’t believe it in yourself. Discuss about something personal, something that is really interesting and engaging for you.
  2. Don’t be scared to show your preferences. You don’t have to be objective or impartial; it is absolutely okay to discuss about why you like this specific idea.
  3. Use engaging expressions. You want to attract and satisfy the readers, so make sure that you use expressions that will motivate them to continue reading.
  4. Bring arguments and evidence. If you really want to make others believe in the same ideas as you, you have to give them a good reason to do so, besides your preferences. This means that you will have to spend a few days thinking about arguments that you can bring, and evidence that you can use.
  5. Choose trustworthy sources. Alright, you introduced some statistics in your composition, but are they trustworthy? Can your colleagues count on the fact that they are real?
  6. Discuss other perspectives. A good way to convince them that you are right is to show them that others are wrong. This means that you have to mention other opinions in your composition and to say why you don’t agree with them.
  7. Don’t be offensive. You don’t have to agree with other people, but you have to respect their opinion. It is alright to say why you don’t share their beliefs, but don’t use any words that can be considered disrespectful.
  8. Quote people who agree with you. Your colleagues might not accept an idea only because you believe in it. On the other hand, if you show them how many people agree with you, they will start to think about this.
  9. Explain how this is important in your life. If you are trying to explain convince them to adopt a certain way of life for example, explain how this made you a better person.
  10. Interact with them. Try to use questions in your composition, that will make them interact with you during the presentation.

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