How To Start A Narrative Essay About Leadership: 8 Suggestions

Students in different parts of the world write essay assignments on different subjects depending upon the grades they are studying in and the requirements from their teachers. Often your instructor will assign you a paper that is comparatively new for you and you would have to do some research in order to understand the specifications and style of the paper. Narrative writing is the type of writing where you use the first person and narrate your paper like a story. Unlike other academic assignments, this would require you to present the event, story or object from first person perspective. This also requires the students to use strong verbs and adverbs to be able to convey their message clearly to the audience

If you are to write a narrative essay about leadership, then you should keep the following instructions in your mind

  1. Start early
  2. The first thing you should do if you want to complete the paper on the given time is to sit down and plan your assignment. Make sure that you start the pre writing process early because it will require some time before you move to the actual writing. Students who tend to delay their papers will never get to meet the deadline or complete a good paper on the given date

  3. Understand the subject
  4. Develop a clear understanding about leadership so that you can have your own perspective about it. You should read the work from expert authors and different reliable sources to gain knowledge about the subject you are going to address

  5. Find a niche to address
  6. When you have analyzed the published materials on the subject, go ahead and find a potential niche in the subject that still needs to be discussed. Make your paper interesting by choosing a unique niche

  7. Develop your thesis statement
  8. Create a thesis statement that shows the extract of your work. You will include this statement in the introduction paragraph to show the scope of your work to the audience

  9. Build your major arguments
  10. Divide the thesis statement into parallel parts in order to create major arguments for the body of your paper

  11. Gather your data
  12. Collect your evidence

  13. Find a hook for the introduction paragraph
  14. Make sure you add a hook in the opening sentence in your introduction paragraph

  15. Create an outline
  16. Arrange the data in relevant places before you actually start writing

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