Is Google Making Us Stupid?

The question of whether Google is making us stupid has been debated by many scholars. It is argued that people are unwilling to research and find information on their own because of the reliance on internet. More so, the information they find from Google is so simplified that people have no chance to engage in critical thinking. Further still, many internet users have lost the capacity to remember data with ease. Rather, they tend to remember where they got the information from. Simply put, Google is making people stupid.

Altering the Brain Function

Researchers claim that the brain is malleable. In other words, it will adapt to any environment. The brains of individuals who are used to reading many books are adapted to it. They are likely to remember the details of such books for a long time. On the other hand, people who are already used to fining information the internet have their brains altered in such a way that they cannot memorize huge data. They are more likely used to remembering the key words and links that will help them find the information they need. .

In addition, other researchers have argued that the internet act as artificial brain. The search engines can easily predict what an individual is searching for and hence offer a solution quickly. Therefore, browsers do not have to take their time thinking about concepts or even spending hours in library finding information.

Distractions While Finding Data

Certainly, many internet users are distracted while trying to find information. There are many adverts and conversations from the social media that make it hard for people to concentrate. Further, people have gotten used to multitasking when browsing. They may be listening to music while at the same time trying to write essays. In so doing, they may not process and memorize the information from the internet accordingly. Additionally, according to the search engine’s analytics, many young people send more hours online. However, they rarely spend time in one site. Instead they will move from one site to another with the hope of finding simplified information. They are also less likely to return to one site. This only shows that the levels of concentration have been diminished with the rise of internet and search engines.

Today, many authors have made their books available on the internet platform. Thus, it becomes easy for everyone to find information on the platform. Even so, most authors also provide an abstract of their work. The internet users therefore do not see the need to completely the reading of one book or even buy it because the information they may searching for is already simplified. Indeed, Google has made people stupid.

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