Best Literature Essay Questions: 25 Unique Examples

Do you have a literature essay to write but you do not have the perfect questions to help you start it? Worry not, the following are some of the best examples that you can present for you work, which will help you write a really good paper, one that will make everything you do worth the effort:

  1. Discuss why Hamlet delays when taking revenge against Claudius
  2. Explain some of the important characters in Hamlet
  3. Discuss why Ophelia committed suicide, and how this affects the set
  4. What is the role of Pushkin in Russian literature?
  5. Discuss the importance of poetry
  6. Explain the reason why the tragic love of Romeo and Juliet was necessary
  7. Discuss how the rules of marriage before the 14th century were addressed in literature
  8. Highlight some important steps that you can take for you to become a successful literature writer
  9. Discuss how eBooks are affecting literature today
  10. Explain how I Have a Dream has been passed on from one generation to another
  11. Discuss 5 of the most outstanding authors of the 21st century
  12. Discuss how George Orwell uses literature to show his ideas on politics
  13. Explain the concept of war based on the works of Elizabeth Bowen
  14. Compare and contrast Happy Days or Not I, and Waiting for Godot, based on the works by Samuel Beckett
  15. Following the publication of A Grain of Wheat in 1967, discuss whether or not the ideas in the book are applicable today
  16. I the presence of the violent reality of war, consciousness takes the place of imagination. Discuss
  17. Discuss how Travesties by Tom Stoppard can be considered a really nifty work of criticism
  18. Discuss the difference between a narrative structure and a narrative point of view
  19. Explain the difference between the work if imaginative writers and historians, based on their views of the modern world
  20. Discuss the effects that the Cold War and the Vietnam War had on literature during these periods
  21. Explain how literary works have been applied to help in progressing the anti-elitist ideas
  22. Discuss how the issues portrayed in The Animal Farm are being propagated in the society we live in
  23. Explain the importance of religion in literature
  24. Discuss why politics has always had a main stage in literature
  25. Explain challenges that modern media is posing to the traditional forms of literature

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