Top 24 Persuasive Essay Writing Prompts For College Students

The persuasive essay is quite frequently issued to students but this in no way means that it is a favorite among the student population of a school. However, many pupils do, over time and effort, learn some of the guidelines and regulations that is required in order to create a successful paper. One of the key solutions to this type of assignment stems from lots and lots of practice.

Listed below are some excellent examples of persuasive writing prompts that touches on many topics for your choosing. Although it is quite common for many students to attempt the easier titles it is only when a student steps out of their comfort zone will they fully grasp the assignment in its entirety. The art of the persuasive essay is not easy to master but when one understands both the basic and unique guidelines that govern it, it just may become your favorite.

  1. The medically proven benefits of using marijuana and why it should be considered the next stage of medical research.
  2. The attributes that make an excellent teacher.
  3. Why marijuana is illegal in most parts of the world even though its not nearly as dangerous to health as cigarettes.
  4. Why the current educational systems are flawed and ineffective.
  5. Deep ocean explorations should be more heavily funded
  6. Working and interacting extensively with computer screens is detrimental to the survival of the human race.
  7. Antibiotics is a likely candidate for the cause of the extinction of the human race.
  8. The drinking age should be lowered to 18.
  9. People are more likely to show affection for a troubled animal than a homeless person.
  10. Many acts that are considered sexual harassment are natural forms of human expression
  11. How homeschooling on gifted students is a serious loss to humanity
  12. There is a high occurrence of plagiarism in schools and ill show you why.
  13. Standardized tests and curriculum are unfair to some students
  14. Students should not be required to say prayers during their school attendance.
  15. Drug abuse is common among students
  16. The cure for cancer will come from an unlikely source
  17. Exercise is becoming less popular
  18. Stereo types are learned without our knowledge
  19. Men are visual by nature, women should remember this when they dress.
  20. Social media has change the meaning of the word ‘friend’
  21. Child abuse can be detected through behavior in school.
  22. Poverty inhibits scientific growth
  23. Genetic screening can improve the human race
  24. Parenting is a genetic trait not a learned one.

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